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Hi! I'm Aga Siwczyk, an artist with a strong attraction to surrealism and telling stories. 
My paintings take inspiratio
n from pareidolia - a phenomenon of finding forms and characters in everyday objects (i.e. a face seen in a cloud). 

what's new?

'Pareidolias. Machinarium' -
 solo exhibition 

July 2023
in Gallery PPP


My 'Attachment' 
as a prestigious award

has adorned the 2023 Icars Gala in Bielsko-Biała


availlable art


main exhibitions & events

07 2023

Gallery PPP, B-B, Poland

Presentation of my painting 'Attachment', as the main award to the "Benefactor of Culture" during the Icarus Gala 2023.

06 2022

Festival of Visual Arts, B-B, Poland

Collective exhibition at the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions as a participant of 2022 Festival of Visual Arts.

09 2020 

Climate Week New York, USA

An award for Engaged Art given by Greenpoint Innovations plus a presentation of my art during 2020 Climate Week in NY.

10 2019 

Into The Void magazine, Canada

Presentation of my works within the October issue of Into the Void - an art & literature magazine. 

08 2019

44AD Artspace, Bath, UK

GRAND PRIX during collective exhibition titled 'the Eighthwonder', organized by 44AD Artspace. 

06 2019 

Gallery PPP, Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Solo exhibition titled 'Pareidolias' at the official Association of Polish Artist (ZPAP) gallery PPP.

05 2019 

W-arte!, Warsaw, Poland

Collective exhibition at W-arte! gallery, a platform that combines an avant-garde culture, art and design with new media and technologies.

Solo exhibition titled 'Pareidolias. Machinarium' at Gallery PPP.

01 2023

Icarus Gala 2023, B-B, Poland

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