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I'm Aga Siwczyk, an artist residing in Warsaw and a member of The Union of Polish Artists and Designers.
Parelidolias is the way I see the reality. I notice forms and figures in ordinary objects and they're revealing me their stories. Machines, household appliances, mechanical parts and accessories are transformed into surrealistic creatures with personalities and desires. Seemingly free, but at the same time limited to the world of automatic plays, as much loose as imperfect. When I see the "soul" of the object, I portray it to tell the discovered narration.


I paint surrealism. And contradictions. In my pictures, I'm looking for a springboard from a predictable reality. In Pareidolias, I often search whether artificial can be alive and how much a nature can be a part of a machine. I'm imagining an animal with a detailed shiny metal skin and despite this cold texture, I want to make it vital and full of personality.


main exhibitions & events

01 2023

Icarus Gala 2023, B-B, Poland

Presentation of my painting, which becomes the main award to the "Benefactor of Culture" during the Icarus Gala 2023.

06 2022

Festival of Visual Arts, B-B, Poland

Collective exhibition at the Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions as a participant of 2022 Festival of Visual Arts.

09 2020 

Climate Week New York, USA

An award for Engaged Art given by Greenpoint Innovations plus a presentation of my art during 2020 Climate Week in NY.

10 2019 

Into The Void magazine, Canada

Presentation of my works within the October issue of Into the Void - an art & literature magazine. 

08 2019

44AD Artspace, Bath, UK

GRAND PRIX during collective exhibition titled 'the Eighthwonder', organized by 44AD Artspace. 

06 2019 

PPP, Bielsko-Biała, Poland

Solo exhibition titled 'Pareidolias' at the official Association of Polish Artist (ZPAP) gallery PPP.

05 2019 

W-arte!, Warsaw, Poland

Collective exhibition at W-arte! gallery, a platform that combines an avant-garde culture, art and design with new media and technologies.


If you like what you see, if you are interested in Pareidolias, let me know. Or let's just chat. I love conversations about art.

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