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Aga Siwczyk winning in Bath!

8-18.08.2019 Was the time when a bunch of Pareidolias was presented during ’Eighthwonder’ 2019 Summer Show at 44AD Artspace gallery in Bath, UK. The title of this exhibition was ‘(a) muse’ and all the gathered artists were showing their muses inspiring their work process. I'm deeply and consistently inspired by bikes.

My four works were hanging close to the desk of a super nice curator, Nina Jesih.

This exhibition was as well a competition... The public had a chance to speak and choose their favourite artist.

I'm amazingly glad and happy to say that this year the winner was... Pareidolias!

I won't reveal yet what was the prize, there will be a special post and announcement for it, soon :) I'll just tell you I feel amazingly honoured!

So... It's not the end of my adventure in the city of Bath. It's a great begining!

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