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Persona, 2022

oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm

This Crown Pidgeon is known as Persona.

She's in demand and she knows how to make a light and camera work for her. She has the endless patience for posing. One claw rests gracefully beneath its beak, supporting the weight of profound thoughts. This mechanic bird is an incidental self-made unit, equally independent and codependent part of a social machinery. 
Persona exudes an aura of stoicism, subtly toning at the enigmatic nature of fame and the masks we wear in the public eye. Within the interplay of metallic fragments and vibrant feathers, the bird's eyes convey a profound depth, hinting at a hidden vulnerability lurking behind the glamorous façade. Persona challenges us to embrace our own authentic selves amidst the captivating chaos of modern existence.

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